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10 Essential List Building Techniques

There are so many different ways to build a list of subscribers,there is no one path to build a successful list. Don't feel like you need to get it right, right away because your probably not going to. There's a lot of testing involve and kind of just discovering what works for you and what doesn't.

Another word for building your list is called email marketing, which is one of the ways businesses can communicate with there prospects.

What is email marketing?

 Email is basically like sending emails,except your sending emails to prospects and customers. You can convert prospects into paying customers, if your marketing is done the right way. You could have repeat buyers become loyal subscribers of your work. 

Email is still one of the best ways to turn your leads into customers. With email marketing you have so much more control because using outer platforms to get your message across can get you into a lot of problems.

For instance with social media platforms you run the risk of getting suspended or your account could be deleted.

Why Email Marketing?

Email is very necessary if you want to have longevity in your business. Email is the best way to stay in touch with your audience whenever you want.

Email is the best communication channel because you do own the list. You can really build an audience and have them locked in to you message. Unlike social media where all of you fans,followers and post can be taken away at anytime.

Email just converts better because people are more likely to open there email and buy your products.

Want to Get Started With Email Marketing?

There are a few things to think about when getting started with email marketing, sending a email is just one part. You need great content and give value in order to build your list.

Building and maintaining a list is crucial once you've collected your leads. There are so many different email service providers out there put the one I use and trust is Aweber.

Grow Your Email List with Lead Magnets

 First of all what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a bribe you give away for free in exchange for their email. A lead magnet is supposed to provide value to your prospects for free. When you provide that value to your customers or prospects there're more willing to trust you more.

What makes a good lead magnet is that it gives you just enough in order to peak your interest. It's ultimately the best way to get more prospects and subscribers.

Lead magnets are typically digital materials like PDFs,videos,audios or eBooks. Your lead magnet got to be specific,easy to digest,solves a problem and of course educational.

Here Are 10 Techniques


Newsletters have been around forever and there can be really engaging and effective. It's about knowing your readers and what they may want to hear from you.

You should have a schedule as long as people are aware of who you are and there expecting your newsletter you need a routine. Maybe once a week or once a month, this will help to build a positive relationship with your audience.

Just make sure your providing value with your news letter and ask for feed back.


eBooks are one of the best ways to build your email list and communicate with your audience. You can out source your eBook or you can gather all of the content that you already have and turn it into an eBook.

Whatever types of problems that your audience may be having try to solve the problem. As long as your eBook is easy to consume you and it's very informative you can get a lot of leads.

Check List

A check list are very easily consumed because the leads have everything they need right in front of them. You have a list that is numbered off so they can keep track of their progress. 

People prefer list because it's almost like having grocery list or a to do list. What ever your prospect needs put it in the list so they can take the necessary steps.

Any content that you've made in the the pass such as a blog post whatever topic you or your audience really like you can turn it into a check list.

Email Series

 Me personally I think email series are pretty exiting. I always look forward to them especially when it's from someone who knows what they are doing and really execute their message. 

It's a great way to nurture your leads and content is key. You can do a welcome series,promotional campaign or a seasonal campaign.

There's so many different types of email campaign series that you can do. Depending on your business you can taylormade you campaigns to you audience. 

Case Study

I like a good case study, I find them to be very interesting and informative. It's ways motivating to see when other people have done what you want to do and you can use their experience as an example or a blue print on what to do.

Case studies can help your prospects make a better decision on whether or not they want to buy from you. A case study is kind of like someone's testimonial.

Free Trail

Free trails are a good way to get people started with what you have to offer they get to experience your offer for free. A free trail is good when you have a software or free sample of the product. 

You can get a ton of leads from a free trail if people like the experience they've had they will eventually want to upgrade.

I know me personally I really like free trails because I always have a good experience and want to keep the service.


Video is really powerful because it's one of the best ways for people to connect with you. If you start a YouTube channel and your consistently put out videos eventually that will attract people to you.

People will be able to trust you more and be more likely to click on your offer. Giving away a free video is something that people like because for them it feels like they are getting to know you better.


Blogging can be a great source of income,all thought blogging does take time to get off the ground once you've stay consistent at its a great way to get leads.

The leads that you get from blogging tend to be highly qualified leads because if someone types in something like "How to make honey garlic salmon"and they find you in the search engine that means they just found the answer to there question. 

Once you write your blog post it will always be out there collecting leads for you. Blog is something where you work hard in the beginning and then reap the benefits later.


Who doesn't like giveaways, people love when you give stuff away for free. As long as the giveaway is relevant to your ideal customer and what your trying to offer them as a whole.

Giveaways are great lead magnets because they attract so many people, they more willing to give you there email.

Free Report

Free reports are good way to give away value. You can give statistics, data and other kinds of research. You can get information from different sources and put it into one report.

People like reports there very professional, you can get plenty of leads just giving away free reports on whatever your topic is.


I hope this bog post have enlighten you but there's one more thing that one like to mention, while are building out your list make sure you segment your list.

Segmentation is better because it lets you know who is a new subscriber and who is a older subscriber. It helps you better to serve your leads with what they need from you. 

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