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10 Tips For Blogging Success

Blogging has become such a big deal over the years and people have leverage the power of a blog for their own benefit. I mean it puts you in this authoritative space where people are going to be influenced by you to make a decision about their life.

You can blog about anything whatever may interest you. You find a blog on just about any topic in the world, you name it guarantee you can probably find information on that topic.

There personal blogs,health and fitness blogs,how to make money online blogs and also lifestyle blogs. There's so much access out there with one google search you can find answers to all of your burning questions.

Blogs don't really take much money to start,but it may take time to get off the ground and for your blog post to be found in the search engine. Blogging takes time and dedication.

Blogging is some thing that you can do on your own terms you have no boss telling what to do or how to do it. It's all up to you and how you want to approach your blog.

What Is Blogging?

It depends who your asking, in my opinion consistency is very valuable. It's a platform on the internet that allows you to publish written content. It's almost like real estate but online because it's an asset that can go up in value over time.

Blogs are a great alternative because, you don't have go to the book store or to the library to get the information you can just go online and search for the information and find it on a blog instead.

The Advantages of Blogging 

Although blogging does come with it's ups and downs having a blog can put you at advantage especially when it comes to running your own business.

When your a blogger or your  blogging you are then seen as an authority on whatever topic or industry you may be in. Blogging can build your credibility.

It really puts you front and center and people start to trust you an your opinion. People will go to seek out your content as long as it's helpful to them.

Blogging over time can generate leads for you that are high quality. You get better targeted leads when people are able to find you in the search engine.

Who Is a Blog For?

Blogging can really come in handy when need to get a certain type of information out there. A blog can be for just about anyone in any niche possible but it's up to them if they want to leverage the power of a blog.

For example if your running a business and your in the health and wellness niche you can use your blog to do business and get customers. Since blogs run 24/7 you can really maximize your blogs potential.

People are constantly getting online looking for answer in so many different niches and so someone who's a business owner could benefit when their costumers are looking for them in the search engine.

Also you can own your blog and when it does well and go up in value you can then sell it for a lot of money.

Here are 10 tips for blogging success.

10 Tips for Blogging Success

Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key to your success in any business not just online. It does take a little bit of research but it will pay off for you if you do. You need to know what works and what doesn't work and by knowing what works and what doesn't your message will resonate better with your audience.

It's really about providing value and being of service to your audience. How can you solve any of their problems if your not understanding of their needs. Find out what that is then create the content for it.

Email List

Email is very important for any business,in the online world having or building and email list that is responsive is a major factor in your long-term success online.

It takes a long time for the search engines to find your content so having a list gives you an audience you can publish content and share with. Sharing your blog post with your list brings people to your website.

Your email list and blog, put those two together it gives your an advantage and you wouldn't have to worry about people not reading your content. As long as the value is there and it's helpful content you can do pretty well.

Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing your blog is very import if you expect to make any money online. You have to find ways to make money from different sources with your blog.

Your blog can be use as a way to give you passive income, there are so many topics you can writer about and then link to an affiliate program for it.

It's better if the affiliate program has to do with your niche so that way people know they can get what they need from a specific niche. You even find ways to advertise on your blog to your audience it just depends how you want to go about it.


Consistency is something that you should take seriously when your blogging because the more you blog the more it puts you in a better position to get the traffic to your website you want.

Maybe prepare a time when you are going to blog and how often you are going to blog. That's just scheduling your time and using it wisely so that you do as much as you can.  

Blogging consistently is all apart of building out your website and you will see growth because google will take you seriously.

Write Good Content

Write content that is clear and specific don't try to be to fancy. I like to write like I'm having a conversation that way it gives my content a personal touch to it.

Make sure your content is scannable, that means write smaller paragraphs that may be only two or three lines of content. Write content that people could always use.

Your writing should be unique to you because after all these are your thoughts and feelings being put out into the universe.

Call To Action

What I have learning during my time on the internet with blogging is that you need to have a call to action. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want because that's the whole reason you have a blog in the first place.

People still need some type of direction after they've read your blog post, they want to know what to do next so tell them. Don't let them just read your blog post and then bounce.

When you give them a call to action it puts them in this mindset of ok I'm suppose to do xyz now that I've finish this blog post. It also gives your audience something to look forward to.

Lead Magnet

You need lead magnets for your blog, now how many you want on your blog is really up to you. Everybody loves a good giveaway because people are going to be more receptive to whatever you may have after to offer them.

Lead magnets are not only good for your blog but they help you build your list. Building your list is very important and it's more of a long term investment.

Use Social Media 

There's a lot of power in using social media, but I suggest focusing on one or two social media sites at the most. Don't try to be everywhere at once or else you will spread yourself pretty thin.

You don't need to have millions of followers to get the message out about your blog. There's so many different ways to use social media, there's paid ads,infographics,memes and posting a snippet of you blog post.

Be careful not spend too much time on social, you should spend more time on your own website. Just don't spend hours on social media looking for likes or trying to see if people are engaging in your content.

Side Bar

Side bars are very common on blogs and they help give focus to content that your blog is offering. The side bars encourages people to stay on your website longer.

WordPress provides many different types of widgets to place in all of your sidebars. Side bars is also a great way to build out your list.

Whenever I go on someones website I'm always curious to see what kind of side bars their using and how it's presented.

Don't Give Up

When you start a blog it takes time your not really going to see success right away. People quit too soon when they don't see success right away online especially if they are blogging.

Keeping going and do a lot of research to educate yourself so you can become a better blogger and entrepreneur. It's a process and people need to let themselves go through the process.


That about sums it up for this post I hope you have enjoyed reading through the content. If your still not sure and need further assistance I have a free course at the bottom you can click on.



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