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5 Network Marketing Tips


Were one of those people got invited to some event or meeting that person who invited you can tell you what it’s about right away?

When you try to ask them what it is they tell you it’s something you have to see for yourself. Who ever is inviting you always tend to beat around the bush because they don’t want you to say no . Getting people in front of the information without doing it in a way that comes of like your tricking them is sometimes hard.

You want to do it in a way not misleading them but you can’t be too honest and say it’s network marketing because then people are just going to turn you down.

Unfortunately a lot of people have had bad experiences with network marketing. Network marketing has been around for more than fifty years and it’s a booming industry. Network marketing industry has made almost 200 billion dollars in global sales.

People have been successful in network marketing but often times you run into a lot of people who have not been successful and often times they bad mouth the industry. They say things like it’s a scam,it’s a pyramid scheme and they’re just going to take all of your money.

People have to understand that it is a business just like any other business and it requires work and consistency just like any other business. The good news is it can be done because there has been plenty of people who have had success.

You can not come into this business with a get rich-quick scheme mind set because it takes hard work. It’s really about getting as many eye balls on your presentation as much as possible and you often times have to put your self out there.

There’s a lot of self development in this business, and look forward to a lot of rejection. It’s just something that your not going to avoid. Thankful the are numerous ways to over come some of that fear of rejection. You just need to be able to stick it out even when things aren’t going well.

Here are 5 network marketing tips  I think you should think about it…


Why do this?

Why do you want to do this, it’s not exactly a walk in the park i mean your why needs to be a driving force in order for you to succeed.

Your why has to be more than just being able to buy nice things. All though buying nice things is not a bad thing. You want to be able to upgrade your life and elevate yourself.

Maybe it’s something that you need to prove to yourself that you can do, because that’s what life is about.


Don’t Bug Your Family and Friends

Listen I know when you first get started with network marketing they tell you to make a list of 100 of your friends and family. However it’s not necessarily a bad place to start but most people don’t really make any money talking to family and friends.

You have to talk to a lot more people in order to be successful in this business. You do need an on going amount of leads coming in on a regular basis. Often you have to see some level of success and then some of your family and friends may get on aboard later on down the road.


Just Be Real With People

I think it’s better to just be honest with people. When I first got started with network marketing my up line would tell me to contact every one and any one in my phone. The only problem with that is some of the people in my phone I hadn’t contacted in a while.

You don’t want to just contact someone you haven’t talk to in years because it just looks like you calling them because you want something and not because you genuinely care.

Some people would realize right away what you were up to so then i would just stop contacting people who I don’t really talk to.


Have A Target Market

Having a target market is important but unfortunately in network marketing they tell you that every one and any one is your target market. The only problem with that is you can’t really set yourself up in a way that guarantees you a higher level of success doing things that way. You really have to do your research on your target market and see what people are really interested in.

There is something called customer avatar. Customer avatar represents your ideal customer, it could be more than one avatar. If you want to craft marketing and sales materials and make new products or services, you have to know who your speaking to. This is how you can build a real connection with your audience when you can tailor your brand to speak to them about their goals and dreams.


Have Some Goals

When you get started it’s always best to have some type of purpose behind it or some goal or goals. One of the things I like about network marketing is that there’re really big on having goals for yourself. Network marketing is really how I learned about having goals, as long as those goals are realistic of coarse. Taking the time out to write your goals on a vision board or in a note book is the first step to taking action in order to achieve your goals in life period.

Then there’s taking those little active steps to achieving your goals by planting seeds. You have to stay on it because there will be a lot of things in life to distract you from your path. Trust me there has been many times where I have gotten distracted and ending up having to start all over again because I fail to stay on the right path.

It is up to you to stay laser focus and getting the job done. Figure out what your goals are and where you want to be and just go for it.








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