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7 Steps To Network Marketing Success

Do you feel as though there are certain steps that are needed in order to be successful in network marketing?

Well that is true, I think there are certain things that are very crucial to your success in network marketing. Now don’t get me wrong I think there’s all ways room for improvement because it’s a process and where’re constantly learning and developing. Network marketing is a great business opportunity that you can make a good profit from.

Network marketing is a business that you can do part-time or anytime you have available. It does take time and a lot of team work, your going to have good day and bad days. Network marketing always seems like the ideal job to a lot of people in the beginning because it’s so convenient, I mean think about it no boss or supervisor telling you what to do.

I also think what makes the difference is the people around you, I remember  when I first got started in network marketing my team was very nice and everybody was so helpful. I really connected with my sponsor, she had a good attitude so in return I had a good attitude. I love the energy and the atmosphere whenever I would go to the weekly meetings.

It was very motivating, but still have to find a way stand out in this business. When I started I had no prior experience running business which is the case for most people and that’s also one of the reason a lot of people don’t last too long in network marketing. It’s all about having realistic expectations and what you capable of doing.

7 Steps To Network Marketing Success


Believe In Yourself

You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t other people are going to have a hard time believing in you. You need to have that type of self awareness so when you do start your business you have confidence in your self. Your not going to know everything about the business or what your doing in the beginning because that comes with time.

You’re not going to be expected to be perfect but you are going to have days where you feel down and defeated and, you just feel like quitting. This is where self determination and in belief in yourself comes into play. The key is no caring what people think and just doing you regardless.


Choose The Right Company For You

There a lot of things I think you should consider when signing on to a company in network marketing. Don’t listen to hype, don’t feel like you have to join a particular company because your going to miss out on the opportunity.

At the end of the day that company may not be right for you. You need to be looking for something long term that can provide you with an income stream. There are so many opportunities out there so you have to figure out which ones are good and which are just going to be a waste of your time.

Does this company really suit you and do you like what your selling. These some things to consider when your choosing a network marketing company…

  •  Has the company been around for at least 5 years.
  • Are the products and services legit
  • Tools and Marketing
  •  What out for scams
  • Payment Plan
  • Do your homework


Identify Your Target Market

I know most cases when you sign up with a network marketing company, your up-line usually tells you to make a list of a 100 friends and family you to beg these people so they can join your business. Now it’s not a bad place to start but for a lot of people just marketing to family and friends just doesn’t cut it.

I know for me personally when I first got start with network marketing none of my family or friends wanted to join me so I had a difficult time getting started. Often times your family and friends have the most doubts, I know mine did because I had no prior experience in business, they all though it was a scam.

It’s not fun talking to people who have zero interest in your business and a lot of people end up quitting because of it. You can marketing to people who are interested in what you have to offer. You have to figure out what is your target market and who you should be talking to. Then you do the best you can to get your business in front of those people.



Learn to generate the kind of leads you need for your business. I know it takes a lot of hard work to really get to prospects that will work with you and that are also coachable. It’s really up to you on how you want to generate leads whether that online or offline,twitter,Facebook,Instagram or Youtube there are so many ways out there for you do go about getting leads.

Having people to talk to in this business is something that I myself and a lot of network marketers have had trouble doing but you can achieve getting as many people into your business as you want. Leads are the life line of your business without leads you can go out of business and that is with any business you do not just network marketing.


Follow up

It’s not enough to just get leads an expose them to your business but you have to follow up with them and keep in contact with them as well. Most people only make money when they follow up with people. To be completely honest they say it takes at least 7 times to be expose to your business in order for your prospects to join.

Some people hesitate to follow up with there leads because they don’t want to bother people and that’s kind of how I felt in the beginning too. If you don’t stay on them and remind them then they will forget about you and your opportunity.

Engage with them as much as you can and always try to keep a relationship going with them. You got to get your business out there multiple times a day and often to the same people and that’s why they got email marketing.



If you look online a lot the top earners who have taken their business online have blogs. In this day in age if you want to be successful in network marketing I feel as though you should have a website with a blog on it. Most of the people with major success online have blogs because there able to leverage them by putting out content and letting the content do some of the work for them.

You write a blog post once and get it to rank and be shared by many people that’s something that can work well for you. You write a blog post once and benefit from it is very powerful. You can make a lot of money from a blog, because blogging is a form of value that you are giving out for free to your audience. You must keep the lines of communication going.

Blog posts are a great way to get leads organically and build up your email listen. If you stay consistent and put out content daily or every other day people will gravitate to you and that’s how you become a trusted authority on a particular niche or topic.



What are some of your goals financially with your business and are going to do to achieve them. How much money do you want to make a month, what is the cost of living for you. It really depends on what your motive is and plans for the future, do you want o make six figures a year or seven. It’s about where you want to be in life.

Is there a certain time period that you want to accomplish your financial goals, just as long as your goals are realistic. It is very achievable in this business but it is a bit of a grind in the beginning stages.






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