ABOUT ME – shonette


Hi how are you? My name is Shonette the founder of itsshonette.com.  I was born in Georgetown, Guyana which is a small city.  It is very traditional for several families to live in one household.  We actually had 9 people sharing a 3 bedroom house.  I always had a lot of family around which I loved but the down side was we only had one bathroom for all of those people and we did not have indoor plumbing.  We carried water in buckets to the house. We did not have air conditioning either.  So I learned early on what it meant to grow up without some of the basics that so many take for granted! 

We had a great life though, my twin sister and I always enjoyed playing with my cousin. We also enjoyed carnivals, church and other events they would hold in the city. There was always something to do! 

When I was still young, my parents made the decision to move to Canada!  They were following their dream of being in a country with more opportunities and I really admired that about them. I still live in Canada today! 

As a young adult, I was trying to find my way in my work life and I had thought about becoming a real estate agent many times but I just didn't know how or have the money to make that happen.  One day a friend invited me to an event. I had no clue it was about Network Marketing but after that event, I knew I had found my path to make a residual income and free myself from the mundane jobs I had being doing so far. 

I joined right away and started doing the "old school" methods of building a business!  You know where you talk to anyone within 5 ft of you and you hold meetings at other people's houses or hotels, yeah that stuff! 

Network marketing has been quite the experience but I have no regrets. The struggle has been real let me tell you! I have been in many different network marketing businesses and I always had trouble getting people to join my business.

Unfortunately for me, I wasted a lot of time chasing people and a lot of it had to do with what I was taught to do. My upline was telling me to make a list of a hundred of my closest friends and family, you know the usual.

I didn't want to just give up so I took to the internet and did a little bit of research and I was able to find a solution. I found out that there was something call Attraction Marketing, I did not know this world existed.

Of course I was very intrigued I really like the idea of being able to make money without having to leave the house. I found out that what I was doing and how I was approaching my business was just not the best way to do it. I found that by using Attraction Marketing I could bring people to me and not have to chase people down! 

Attraction Marketing has been a much easier way to get results with my business and by learning how to leverage the internet to build my business has been a blessing.  It gives you a better understanding of how a business is really suppose to run.

So if you are tired of struggling in your business and you want to learn how to bring people to you and stop chasing people down, connect with me and I will show you how! 

I look forward to talking with you soon, 

Shonette xo