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How To Market Your Business On A Budget

What happens when you don't have the money for big ad campaigns?

Most people when they start off in their business they don't really have a lot of capital to grow their business. Everything is tight when it comes to resources and money.

Sometimes investing money into marketing your business is last on your list. You have to be able to come up with ways to market  your business and be creative while doing so.

There have been so many software and affordable traffic it's just a matter of knowing what you need and what you don't need.

Marketing shouldn't have to be this hard or complicated. It's all about how you do things at the end of the day. You budget the right way you can get things done and get the results that you need.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is sharing,communicating, and creating something of value with customers or a target audience. If you've ever seen tv commercials, billboards and magazine ads, that is all promotion for a product and that's marketing.

Why Do I Need To Market My Business?

I've worked with individuals before who thought that there was no need to market. They thought it would be a waste of time and money,and you can grow your business somewhat without and marketing behind it. It just makes things more difficult.

You can probably just work with referrals and that's it. The problem with that is you going to eventually need to be able to scale your business and it very hard without any marketing involve.

When you run ads and you track everything you know what your numbers are and you know who to target and who not to bother to waste your time with. It gives you a better idea of where you need to be.

Who Are You Targeting When You Market Your Business?

Whatever business your in it's important to know who is your target market so that you don't waste your time marketing,promoting and talking to the wrong people.

Some people believe that everybody is their audience and everybody wants what they have but its not true. I know in the network marketing field they tell you to talk to every and anyone with a pulse in order to get them to join your business.

You have to narrow your focus down to a specific group and to people who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer. This is where marketing comes into play.

Also marketing your business the right way plays a big part in that as well. Do some research and figure out who needs what you have and only talk to those people. 

Their 4 Types Of Marketing

  • Advertising 
  • Sales Promotion
  • Personal Selling
  • Publicity

Here Are Some Ways To Market Your Business On A Budget

Start A Blog

One of the first things I looked into when I started my online business is I started blogging. I started a blog because i wanted something that I own in the online world.

Blog can be very powerful and as long as you stay consistent at it you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and sell to that audience. All thought it does take time I think it's a good place to start.

Post On Social Media

Posting about your business on social media, you can do that for free. There are Facebook groups you can join, whatever niche that your in there's probably a group for it.

You can also make your own group and invite people in and provide them with value as well. You want as much engagement as possible on these sites.

There are other social media platforms that are just as effective as Facebook,like Twitter,Linkedin or Instagram. You need as much eyeballs on your offer as possible, get you offer infront on the right audience. 

Do A Give Away

Giveaways are always a good way to get on peoples good side and to build your audience. It's also a good way to build your email list, that way you have an audience.

Give something of value in order to get people's information and it will help to grow your business quicker. People get excited over giveaways and people don't want to miss out on giveaways.


YouTube is like the second largest platform for search engines, video has become popular. People connect more through video, you can find just about anything you need on YouTube.

I know getting on camera isn't something that every body may be comfortable doing, but if you really want to brand yourself video is the best way.

You can do screen recording videos instead if you don't want to be on camera. You have to find a way to do videos because your connection to your audience will be much stronger. 

It's free to get started with video, it's free to start a YouTube channel to get your message out there.

E books

E books are a great to give away to your audience and you can get them cheaply made. It doesn't really cost much to get somebody to write and e book for you.

You can quickly grow an audience this way as long as you giving good value. People are looking for specific information and whatever niche that your in you can speak to them.

Set  Monthly Goals For You Business

It's best to set monthly goals that way you can keep track of your progress. You should know what exactly are you trying to accomplish each monthly and what level in your business you want to be at.

Plan your marketing around a particular goal or mission that you have in mind. Your marketing activities shouldn't be something that is random and out of the blue.

There are people who can help you with your marketing, such as your audience, you can get feedback from them about your business and find out what they want from you.

Well it's up to you now what you want to do and make the best use of your time and money possible.


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